4 Ways to Protect Your Tucson Business From Hackers

The most important part of your company is your employees. They play a big role in protecting your business from hackers. For example, hackers are getting better at socializing with employees and tricking them into clicking on malicious links or opening fake documents. The best way to protect your business is to train employees to be aware of these dangers and know how to spot them.

Please read along as we discuss four effective ways to protect your business from hackers:

Using Strong Passwords

One of the simplest ways you can make it more difficult for hackers to access your business’s data is by using strong passwords. A strong password is at least 12 characters long and includes a mix of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. You should also avoid using dictionary words or easily guessed phrases like “password” or your business name. Another measure is to use Two-factor authentication; it’s an additional layer of security that requires users to confirm their identity with a second factor, such as a code sent to their phone and their password. This makes it much more difficult for hackers to gain access to your data, even if they have your password.

Doing An Audit

One other way to find out if your business is vulnerable to attack is to have an audit done. This can be done by an external company, or internally. There are a few things you should look for, such as open ports (which are like doors that hackers can use to get into your system), unpatched software (which is software that hasn’t been updated and thus is more vulnerable to attack), and weak passwords. Once you know where your vulnerabilities are, you can take steps to fix them and make it much harder for hackers to get into your system.

Keeping Your Software Up to Date

One of the most important things you can do to protect your business from hackers is to keep your software up to date. Hackers are constantly finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in software, so it’s important to make sure you have the latest security patches installed. This includes your operating system, antivirus software, and any other software you use, such as Adobe products and Java. Outdated software is one of the most common ways that hackers gain access to systems, so it’s crucial to stay on top of updates.

Professional Document Shredding and Hard Drive Destruction

Another way to protect your business from hackers is to shred all sensitive documents that you no longer need. This includes things like old invoices, tax returns, and financial statements. Hackers can often find a lot of information by rummaging through trash, so it’s important to make sure any sensitive documents are shredded before they’re thrown away. In addition, you should also destroy any old hard drives that you no longer need. This includes external hard drives, USB drives, and SD cards. Hackers can often retrieve data from these devices even if they’ve been formatted, so it’s crucial to physically destroy them.

As you can see, there are several steps you can take to protect your business from hackers. By taking measures such as using strong passwords, doing an audit, and keeping your software up to date, shredding your sensitive documents and unused hard drives, you can make it much harder for hackers to gain access to your data. In addition, shredding sensitive documents and destroying old hard drives is a great way to ensure that any information that could be used against you is destroyed. Following these tips can help keep your business safe from harm.

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