Secure Shredding Services: How to Get Started

There are many benefits to using a secure shredding service, including the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sensitive documents have been destroyed safely and reliably. But with so many options available, it can be tough to know which shredding service is right for you. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you

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Business man stressed looking at paperwork

One-Time Shredding: Everything You’ll Need To Know

Businesses of all sizes generate a variety of documents. Even companies that have mostly switched to digital records may still need to keep physical copies of certain types of information, like tax filings (including original paperwork), contracts, invoices and payments, employee records, and some customer data. Often, these records must be kept for a certain

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4 Ways to Protect Your Tucson Business From Hackers

The most important part of your company is your employees. They play a big role in protecting your business from hackers. For example, hackers are getting better at socializing with employees and tricking them into clicking on malicious links or opening fake documents. The best way to protect your business is to train employees to

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The Right Way to Shred: Understanding Regulated Shredding

Regulatory compliance generally refers to adhering to laws, regulations, guidelines, and standards imposed by a governing body. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to penalties, including heavy fines, suspension or revocation of licenses, and even imprisonment. In the secure shredding industry, regulatory compliance is of the utmost importance. This industry is heavily regulated

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What To Do With Obsolete Or Faulty Products In Arizona

In Arizona, when a company has a product that is no longer in use or has been recalled, it can be a challenge to find a way to properly and legally dispose of it. That’s where Assured Document Destruction comes in. We are experts in the field of product destruction and can help businesses with any

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