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Shred Your Documents Shred Your Hard Drives Schedule Your Shredding

Secure Shredding Solutions Tucson

Keep your confidential information secure with paper shredding services offered by Assured Document Destruction – Serving Tucson, Arizona and surrounding communities. We have helped thousands of businesses and homes by offering flexible service plans to fit your unique needs. By choosing Assured Document Destruction, you not only help protect the environment but you also protect your business and your clients private information.

Assured Document Destruction in Tucson, provides One-Time Shredding Services, designed for commercial and residential customers needing a large file clean-out. Ideal during a planned move or seasonal clean-out, we’ll safely shred all accumulated or archived documents on-site at your location or off-site at our secure facility.  All documents are thoroughly shredded into tiny, irrecoverable particles by one of our shred specialists, then compressed into 1,500 lb bales, and recycled into low-grade paper products. 

Suitable for customers who accumulate confidential documents regularly, our Scheduled Shredding option ensures commercial and residential customers can easily stay on top of their document management needs. Whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, our team will customize a shredding schedule that is appropriate for your needs and budget. The shredding process is carried out on-site at your location via our specially designed mobile shredding trucks. In a matter of minutes, all material is destroyed securely and rendered unreadable, maintaining compliance with federal and state privacy regulations while protecting information from exposure. As with our One-Time Shredding Service, all material is then compressed and recycled where possible into low-grade paper products. 

Beyond document shredding, we also provide our customers with specialized hard drive destruction services. It is vital to remove and destroy a hard drive prior to donating or recycling your computer parts to prevent the risks of information theft and fraud. One single hard drive alone can contain a significant amount of sensitive data that could fall into the wrong hands. Whether you have computers, electronics, or hard drives to dispose of, we are certified in professional hard drive shredding, protecting your confidential data from outside threats in the process. Formatting or degaussing hard drives, tapes, and other magnetic media is simply not enough to guarantee data removal.  Gain peace of mind with our hard drive destruction process, performed directly on-site at your location, where you can witness the shredding first-hand.

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